Fire Department

New fire station opens in West Memphis

The station features a fitness center, a large living space, and special equipment to handle cleanup and decontamination of firefighters’ gear.

West Memphis Fire Department 

A recognized leader and award-winning fire department that includes being listed as one of the best fire departments in the country, according to a rating on public safety labeling the department ISO Class 1.

Out of more than 47,000 fire departments in the country, there are less than 300 departments with an ISO Class 1 rating.

West Memphis Emergency Management Service

The West Memphis Fire Department would like to thank Mayor McClendon and the city council for their dedication and support to improving public safety and the emergency medical services provided by the city. The West Memphis Emergency Management Service now has a total of 7 ambulaWest Memphis Fire Department EMS Service at Dennis Brewer Fire Station 3nces in their fleet, equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment to better meet the needs of a more complex and evolving clinical demographic.

Proudly protecting the 28,000 people living in an area of 29 square miles. The WMFD protects a primarily residential area, plus 2 major Interstates and 3 major railroads that run through our city.

The West Memphis Fire Department was established in 1929 as a volunteer fire department. Today, the WMFD has four fire stations and is a fully paid fire department with 66 members, which include: Chief, Assistant Chief, 1 Division Chief/Fire Marshal, 1 Division Chief of Training, 1 Division Chief of EMS, 1 Fire Inspector, 3 Battalion Chief’s, 12 Lieutenants, 15 Drivers, 3 Charge Paramedics, 6 Paramedics, 18 Firefighters, 1 Fire Chief’s Secretary, 1 Secretary of Fire Records and 1 EMS Billing Clerk.


Our mission is to protect and save lives, property, and the environment from the adverse effects of fires, illness, accidents, natural disasters, and many other hazards, by promoting public fire and safety education, along with maintaining a well-equipped, highly trained and motivated workforce of professional firefighters, paramedics and rescue personnel.

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Fire Chief

Barry Ealy

West Memphis Fire Department Fire Chief, Barry Ealy

Office: 870-732-7570

  1. Physical Address
    200 N 7th Street
    West Memphis, AR 72301


    Phone: 870-732-7570
    Fax: 870-732-7574
    Emergency: 911

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