Theatre Group Considerations

Theatre Group Considerations

Please be advised that in order to maintain equipment in best order at the Civic Auditorium certain guidelines and rules must be followed with no exceptions. When planning sets remember:

  1. Sound equipment and their rental costs are available from the office. Sound equipment can only be placed after the set work is finished. Sound operation is only authorized to trained and authorized persons.
  2. Lighting should only be placed after set installation. While some media is available for your use, you are responsible for your own colorization.
  3. We strongly urge that set design and all technical planning be discussed with Auditorium Technical while plays are in the development stage.
  4. Nothing is to be stapled, glued, taped, nailed or screwed into any curtain, nor are you to alter the natural drop line of any curtain.
  5. Anything loaned to any group is to be returned in the same condition it was loaned in. Anything broken is to be charged at replacement cost.
  6. In the case of batteries for any loaned equipment, batteries are the theatre group’s responsibility. We suggest that only high-grade quality batteries be used for best results. Use care in putting batteries into equipment, as switched placement can burn the device up.
  7.  In all cases, the house is to be returned at the end of the final performance. This means all equipment goes back to the office in working order, all lighting is to be returned to a simple wash, all drops and fly pieces that have been brought in by the group are to be taken down and balance restored to the line, and all sound equipment and headsets are to be taken to the office.
  8. These and all other rules are to be followed in order to keep the building in the best possible running condition.

Rules for Youth Group Programming: Concerts and Contests

  1. No one is to bring any food or drink into the theatre except for the dressing rooms or lobby.
  2. Lights shall remain on in the large hall during the program.
  3. Adult leaders of the sponsor must remain on site until all patrons and guests have left the premises.

Please Note: The stage must be restored to its standard stage plot (as defined by Auditorium Technical) at the end of every event unless otherwise approved by the Auditorium Technical Director.