City rolling out new garbage carts

The City of West Memphis now provides curbside garbage collection, this new collection method requires that residents place their city issued garbage carts a specific way.

The carts are blue and have the City of West Memphis seal impressed on the sides in white. The carts will come with a microchip inside so staff will be able to identify which carts belong to which residences.

The place where contractors leave the cart is the general location of where the carts need to be on collection day. Residents should roll their new carts to their homes within 24 hours after being delivered. City of WM curbside trash cart

This move will help improve our sanitation service overall while providing a cleaner and safer community.

*Residents with disabilities and or cannot move their cart to the curb, must provide the city with evidence of your disability, in order to receive a special service tag in order for your cart to be picked up from your property at no additional cost. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

**For residents who would like to purchase a second garbage cart, each household may purchase one additonal cart for $75.

For more information contact our Public Works Division at 870-732-7671 and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our #trashtalktuesday posts every week.

How to Properly Place Carts on Collection Day


Place all items in trash bags in the cart(s) and make sure the lid is completely closed. ROLL the cart to the edge of the curb.


PLACE the cart(s) at the edge of the curb with the wheels and handle facing your house and the lid opening facing the street.


Make sure there is nothing in front of the cart. There MUST be 5 FEET of space on all sides of the cart(s). Do NOT place any trash on the lid or beside the cart. All garbage must be inside the cart with the lid completely closed.


The Sanitation Department, having 32 employees, offers both residential and commercial service to the city of West Memphis. The Sanitation Department has:

  • 2 front end loaders
  • 4 trash trucks
  • 7 rear end loaders
Front End Loader

Residential & Commercial Service

Residential trash service will now be Monday through Friday with one pick-up per week. (See map below). Commercial service is on a prearranged schedule to meet individual service needs.

Attention Homeowners

New Curbside Trash Route Map

  • Ward 1 - Monday
  • Ward 2 - Tuesday
  • Ward 3 - Wednesday
  • Ward 4 - Thursday
  • Ward 5 - Friday


The City will not pick up truckloads of tree trunks or branches over 10 inches in diameter and no more than 6 feet in length. If you have a tree cut down or tree trimming done, you may need to make arrangements to have the material hauled off.

In order to cover the entire City each week based your scheduled pick up day, we are unable to haul off yard debris that exceeds the maximum collection size (approx. 6’ long x 4’ wide x 4’ tall) This cannot be done if trash trucks are tied up for hours hauling tree debris from one location. Plus, our equipment was not made to operate as logging trucks.

Your monthly sanitation fee covers weekly residential trash pickup. The removal of large piles of tree branches is not a part of the residential trash pickup. For this reason, we do not pick up roofing shingles, demolition/remodeling material or masonry/concrete items either.

What is the difference between garbage and trash?

• Garbage is defined food, food containers, organic waste, clothing, etc…
• Trash is defined as yard waste, such as grass clippings, weeds, twigs leaves, etc…

West Memphis Sanitation Dept. Trash vs. Garbage Description

Additional Information

If you have questions about what we pick up, please call the Sanitation Department at 870-732-7580.