Small Claims/Civil Information

Small Claims Filing Fee (Under $5,000) - $65.00
​Civil Filing Fee ($5,001 - $25,000) - $80.00
Three Acceptable Ways for the Complaint to be Served
  • Sheriff Fee - $50.00
  • Certified Mail - $6.85
  • Private Process Server - PRICES VARY
  • In order to be served, you must have the defendant's address or the name and address of where they are employed
  • You must pay the filing fee and the service fee when you file your claim with the court
  • If you choose to serve by certified mail, the defendant must sign for it or they are not served
  • When you come to court, you must bring all necessary documentation with you to present your case as well as copies for the judge
*We cannot give any legal advise. If you need advise, contact an attorney or legal aid at (870) 732-6370.