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Board of Adjustments Application


  1. 1. Application Check List
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. Premises in Question
  • Application Check List

    1. Petition for Variance Request Should Include One or More of the Following:
      1. Petition for Variance Request. (Filing fee of $35.00)
      2. Applications should be presented to the Planning and Development Department at least 15 days prior to the meeting date. (The meeting date is always the second Thursday in each month unless otherwise notified.)
      3. All applications and notices should include a street address and legal description.
      4. Property must be posted for a Variance Request. ($25 sign deposit - City will provide sign.)
      5. Public notice to be taken to the newspaper so it can be published at least 1 time, 7 days, prior to the public hearing date. (Notice fee varies by advertisement length and fee is responsibility of applicant.)
      6. After approval, the applicant may obtain the necessary permit.