Environmental Quality

Storm Water Drains

Stormwater drains are for rainwater only. Please be sure to abide by the following rules: 

  • Masked Fish - Medications in the EnvironmentNo grass clipping or yard waste, leaves, garden/lawn chemicals. 
  • No hazardous materials-cleaners, insect killers, weed spray, paint.
  • No pet or animal waste.
  • No trash, debris, cans, bottles, plastics or paper.
  • No used motor oil or oil-related products, brake fluid, or  transmission fluid

All of these pollute our streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, and drinking water.

Industrial Waste Application

Please mail the Industrial Waste Application (PDF) to Denise Bosnick at:
P.O. Box 1868
West Memphis, AR 72303

Industrial Pre-Treatment Program

The City of West Memphis Utility Department established an Industrial Pretreatment Program in 1987. The program was updated and approved in 1996. At this time, there are eight permitted industries, three which is categorical and five non-significant industrial users.

Industrial Waste Discharge Permit

The Industrial Waste Discharge Permit is issued for a three year period of time. The permit fee is $50 per year for non-significant and $100 per year for categorical. Specific pollutant limitations for an industrial discharger as contained in the Sewer Use Ordinance 2187 (PDF)

Requirements for direct and indirect contributors into the wastewater and collection and treatment system for the City of West Memphis.

Hauled Waste Permit

The City Utility also established a Hauled Waste Permit specifically for grease trap haulers in 1992. At this time, there are four permitted haulers. These permits are issued once a year at a fee of $250 per year. 

There is also a window sticker permit for these haulers at a one time rate of $25 per sticker. At this time the City does not surcharge.