West Memphis I-40 Megasite

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The West Memphis I-40 Megasite is certified through Entergy Arkansas’ certified sites program, Select Site, and uses 50-point criteria to declare a site as shovel-ready.

The site is located in an Opportunity Zone, with easy access to the third busiest section of interstate in the United States for truck traffic, the largest river for deepwater cargo traffic, two rail bridges across the Mississippi River, and the world's busiest cargo airport, West Memphis positions your business to maximize the impact of intermodal distribution.

The West Memphis I-40 Megasite provides an ideal space for any large company looking to expand its facilities in the Southeast. Combining a central location, access to all types of freight, local utilities, and above all, lower costs compared to similar locations, this megasite has everything your business needs to take it to the next level.

The site is comprised of approximately 1,800 privately owned contiguous acres that are currently optioned to the City of West Memphis. Having been used as farmland for 60+ years, the entire site is flat, generally with less than five feet of elevation change. 

For more information regarding our megasite contact our Economic Development Department at psorrell@westmemphisar.gov.

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I-40 Megasite