Meet Rusty

The West Memphis Police Department welcomes Officer Rusty to the police force! This friendly greyhound was adopted by the department and has made himself right at home. We have taken a liking to him and I’m sure you will too! You might see him around town helping police officers keep the streets safe and handing out some goodies. He also loves stopping by the schools and popping in at events. So if you see him or a uniformed officer, please go up and say hello because Rusty loves to meet new people.

Feel free to contact the West Memphis Police Department to ask if Rusty is available for a public event. Contact us at 870-732-7634.


  • Police Officers are your friends. If you are scared or in trouble, you can always go to a police officer for help.
  • Always be careful on the phone, computer and even on the street. You should never tell a stranger where you live. If someone you don’t know asks for your name and address or if they offer you a present, DON’T take it, then run away, yell “I don’t know you” and tell an adult!
  • IF you ever see a gun, DON’T TOUCH IT! Guns can be very dangerous. You should tell an adult or the Police right away!
  • Calling 911 is for emergencies. Don’t play on the phone unless it’s a REAL emergency.
  • Always be careful and look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol.